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Bucharest City Tour

Discover Bucharest's Landmarks with Sonia

‘Bucharest City Tour, A Trip with Sonia’ is a children’s book in English, written by one of the youngest authors in Romania, Sonia Marta, who at only 12 years old is already completing her third editorial experience.

Through the book you can follow the journey of three friends going on school trip with Bucharest City Tour Bus, discovering many monuments along the way, learning facts and figures about some of the wonderful landmarks Bucharest has to offer.

Where To Get Your Copy

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A heart-felt, yet incredibly informative journey through the beautiful city of Bucharest: a city just waiting to be discovered. A must-read for anyone wanting to visit!

--- Jack Oldham, Teacher, UK

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“When coming to Bucharest for the first time the family was looking for a book like this to explain to the children more about the new city we were about to settle in. A joy to read it now, after two years of being here.”

-- Dara Dietrich, Freelancer

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